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Today i bumped over a new internet site for female leaders, with lots of interesting articles. Leaders in Heels. If you are female and interested in leadership then this is the site for you.

” Leaders in Heels has been created to nurture, inspire and empower female leaders and entrepreneurs. Kasia Gospos, Founder of LEADERS IN HEELS.

As I signed up for the site, I was provided with a leadership checklist. With many interesting questions, I will have a more thorrough look through tonight. Going through you Passion, Creativity, Innovation, Confidence and Determination of reaching your goals, a very powerful tool for self leadership and selfawareness. But it is packed with good aritcles, have a look and indulge!  Heart



Todays Catch: 3 Bedroom 60m2 close to Via Commerciale

This appartment is in Area Scorcola. The area is considered a prestiguous area. The appartment is light and kitchen cabinets are new. There is a small garden with increadible opportunities and cherry trees. The appartment is for sale HERE.

But, and there will be a but with most of the objects I will share here, why are the pictures so blurry, and where is the layout.

As a customer I want clear & clean pictures. For example I do not see the charm in having a box on the floor in the toilet and a towel in red plus the shower head is lying inside the bathtub. In the kitchen the milkglas is fantastic, but I do not as a buyer want to see all the different colored porcelain inside. These things might be considered irrelevant because they do not have a direct importance in relation to the value of the property. But 1st impressions count, I want to get an immediate feeling of "I could live here" "I could make this work".

As a salesagent or professional property fotographer taking these pictures/being a professional I would also highlight this to the seller so he/she has an opportunity to properly prepare for the picture taking session. And if as a photographer I see that something does not look good on picture, I would remove it from the shot.

So further below I will be adding a mood board for each room to communicate the feeling that I would coaim to deliver when selling this house. With connected "Get the Style" links. Enjoy as they will be popping up 1 room per day!


Source: Hemnet.se


Source: Hemnet.se


Source: Hemnet.se


Source: Hemnet.se


Source: Hemnet.se


Picture from: http://www.mazzini-immobiliare.it/


Picture from: http://www.mazzini-immobiliare.it/


Picture from: http://www.mazzini-immobiliare.it/


Picture from: http://www.mazzini-immobiliare.it/


Picture from: http://www.mazzini-immobiliare.it/

Get the Style: Livingroom - Via Elia

Moving over to the living room of Via Elia. From this room, to the left you have view over the sea. I would decorate this room in sunny light colors, to give it a year around vacation feeling.

Table: Stix LINK

Sofa: Muuto Outline LINK

Pillows: Hay Dot LINK

Chair: IKEA Söderhamn LINK

Carpet: LINK

Flower: Monstera deliciosa

Livingroom - Collage

Get the Style: Bedroom - Via Elia

Starting with the Bedroom of Via Elia.  All items are from the Finnish Design Shop - Online.


Marimekko Varvunraita LINK

Marimekko Tamara LINK

Design House Stockholm Curly quilt LINK

Lamp: Foscarini Birdie LINK

Table: Skagerak Brut LINK

Poster: Paper Collective Flower LINK

Flower: P. parasollpilea

Bedroom Collage

Buying property in Trieste...

Moving from abroad, having a very good understanding of the real estate market in my homecountry, it is certainly quite scary going in considering investing abroad. For this reason I am trying to learn as much as I can about the Italian realestate market especially focusing on Trieste.

We have known about this upcoming move for the last year and since I am interested in the realestate market I have followed Subito.It, Casa.It and Immobiliare.It closely during the last year. What strikes me as surprising looking at the market from outside, and if someone has  comments on this it is more than welcome, is following:

1) Appartment prices in the citycenter are comparatively low

2) Realestate pictures are of extremely poor quality

3) Turnover on the market is oddly low (houses can be on the market for years)

4) There seem to be overpricing on private houses, this conclusion is made based upon the slowness in turnover.

I will study the market and draw my private conclusions, I will also show you some of the appartments we consider and give styling tips and tricks.

Moving to Trieste

So we are moving to Italy from abroad.

Moving is always set up for certain challenges and in this blog I will share experiences.

Our moving date is set for the 1.9.2017, before that we have to pack up our house here and transport everything to Italy.

We have 2 kids.

To make this challenging enough we still do not have a permanent adress in Trieste. We will therefor start our househunt by saving money and trying to fit in 4 person on 60m2.

Kind regards